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Let the games begin

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

'People tend to play with the cards they can find but only the wise ones search for the aces'


One of my best friends is very (very) close to graduating and where I come from (or probably in every country of the world that is decently educated) this process is quite tiresome, exhausting and stressful. So, to spice it up a little, somewhere, at some point, someone decided to invent the 'Maturaball' like we call it, a party or - to satisfy the more eloquent and old-fashioned people amongst us - a dance and dinner event for friends, family, and basically everyone who'd like to come and leave behind some money.

There's music, there's alcohol, there's food, friends and family - there basically are all the ingredients to a great evening. But, to be fair to the students hosting that evening, organizing such a thing can be a TON of work.

So when the class asked me to help them with their design, I agreed.

And the story began...

They wanted something special, an illustration, classy mixed up with something new, an eye-catcher in black and red and, let me tell you, I love requests like that. A little more work than usual but also a little more fun in the process.

It all started with some scratches and different drafts and then, the designing process.

And then, after a while of painting and deleting, liking and changing, the result was ready to go:

Two designs to choose from, one decision away from being printed.

The first one was fancy pants and sparkling all over the place

The second one was simple but significant

Which one would you have gone for?


to solve the riddle... they wanted the second one. And I loved their decision.

Elegant, simple, chic - the perfect party could begin.

Here are some impressions of that evening (And the finished flyer, of course):

However, a big thank you to the classes A and B WFO that put their trust in me and their ideas in my mind. It was so much fun to work with and for you and seriously one of the best school-related-parties I've ever been on.

I wish all of you the best for your graduation, but like I mean, I'm sure you got this - y'all still got those aces up your sleeve.

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