*In the making*

Hi there! 

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This site is still in it's experiment or 'testing' phase at the moment.

If you're interested in the Blackpastel designs and projects we really want to give you the opportunity to not just see our products, but also the people that create them. Nowadays, way too much emphasis is put on things rather than on the people behind them, wich results in a lack of personal interest and, after all, a lack of gratitude. 

Which made us want to work for something more personal, a space where we can create friendships instead of just business connections. Something, that allows us to get to now each other a little better than just on social media or an online shop. Of course, creating and maintaining a website is a lot of work and means time and effort - but we're ready to invest that if you enjoy the results. So if anything is not perfect (yet), please be patient, we're working on it. And in the mean time, share your ideas, suggestions and thoughts with us down below or contact us for more information!

'People were created to be loved

Things were created to be used

The reason why this world is in chaos is because

things are being loved & people are being used.'