Help, I'm getting married!

You're engaged? Congrats, we're so happy for you!

It's a beautiful, exciting time ahead of you. Many decisions have to be taken, many things have to be checked off the list. 

One of the most thrilling moments is, to inform your favorite people. And that's what Blackpastel is here for. The invitation is the first thing of your wedding that people are going to see and most of them will probably hang it up on the fridge or next to their last family picture as their constant little reminder how great your wedding's gonna be. 

So... Why should you choose Blackpastel?

Good question. Because, as far as I can assess, you're one of the 2 following types.

TYPE 1. 
The perfectionist.

A perfectionist like me knows, that sometimes you just have that ONE image on your mind and no tolerance of the slightest divergence from THAT image of the PERFECT card or invitation or design. Let it be something you recently found on Pinterest but can't find in the real world or something you saw 6 years ago but just can't forget about - here's your place to recreate it. Or to make something that's similar, but even more personal and beautiful. 


The happily engaged but totally overwhelmed one. 

And, let me tell you: Don't worry, this is absolutely normal. Two weeks ago the biggest thing you had to decide was, which kind of breakfast you wanted to take while brunching with your darling. Now you're engaged and a flood of big decisions is rolling towards you. You've got no idea how you want your save the dates, invitations or graphics to be like but you want them to be amazing. 

Blackpastel is here to help you get an overview and find the style you've always dreamt of - eve though you didn't know.

First of all - read the steps down below, maybe they already help a little

Second: Don't stress out, just contact me It'll be great.

If you're none of the two types, but you're still here - wow thanks. Somehow you seem to like us. Let us know what you're searching for, share your wishes or problems and let's find a solution.

Idea long.png

This website is still in the beginning. More work for me, but two BIG advantages for you: 

1) You don't need to choose between the options I offer you.                    We can create your really personal design!

2) I'm offering you 25% percent off on the whole lettering and design stationary. Order now to benefit from our special offer!

Here's how it works:

Here's a little overview on the different things you have to bear in mind:



You know much about us, but we don't know anything about you. And to personalize something requires to know something about the person. Are you crazy, hipster like people or the silent nature-bound types?

What's your wedding style going to be like? Boho? Indie? Classy with geometrical structures and clean cuts? 

Write us and let us know a few things about you!




What are your wedding colors?



Choose between some of our options:

  • Brown craft paper 

  • Black paper

  • White, champagne, beige, rosé, light brown or light blue paper with the following options:
    • ​normal paper
    • rustic paper

    • paper with hand-painted pastel color touch (brush style)



Which parts do you want to be hand lettered, which ones printed?

Have you got a favorite font?

Since I'm a passionate font designer, we can get really creative here.



It's time to really personalize your wedding stationary. But no worry, I'm doing it, you just have to bring in your ideas.

And here are some of mine, to help you out:


- Flowers

- Leaves

- The silhouette of the mountains you were born at or of the city you live in

- A minimalist portrait of the two of you

- A sketch of your wedding location

- A personalized map to help people get to said location


and so on....


After you've gotten a (little) overview about the different options you could consider: Don't be overwhelmed. 

It's a lot, but that's what I'm here for. 

Use the contact form to get in touch with me, and smile. This is going to be amazing!

1, 2, 3, ... GO!

Thank you so much for your nessage! I'll answer as soon as I can!