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Blackpastel is all about creativity and imagination. About being myself and becoming a better version of that person.

It's about the extraordinary in the normal, about the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about something you love. It's about dreams that come true, ambitions to reach and about being real rather than perfect - even thought, admittedly, this might be one of my hardest lessons to learn.

Why 'Blackpastel'?

When I did my first steps in the shoes of a designer and calligrapher I pondered over the question what I wanted my art to be like.

I wished for something that was determined, unapologetic, elegant and clear, powerful like the color black. But still, beneath all the work that had to be done and all the strength I aspired to have, I craved a soft sprinkle of happiness, contentment and gentleness, just like the sweet pastel colored houses in southern Italy on a warm summer day. They aways make you feel like home a little, silently inviting you you to come in, calm down, sit on a balcony with a glass of red wine and a bruschetta next to you and a fulfilling internal satisfaction while the life in the narrow streets under you is vibrating. 


Hi, I'm Bell.

20 - year old girl with a strong passion for lettering, design, home decor and my husband. A life, cheese and coffee lover through and through. 

Quite a perfectionist but most off the time I'm too clumsy to let it show. If anything needs to be pretty and special, my curiosity is wakened. 


Bell -  if you paid attention,                                 you can tell that's me




Designer / Artist

Dave - the love of my life

DJ, manager, the  sweetest man I know


Recently a women I met briefly started to complain about girls who keep bragging about their husbands/ boyfriends the whole time. She was annoyed by such individuals to the most obvious extent and apparently assumed that I shared her love-fed-up-pissiness. Which I didn't. I just nodded, pathetically grinning in fake agreement, eyes wide open and mouth for safety's sake shot. 

At some point she left the train and I had discovered two (very important) things:


​First thing: Never full-speed-ahead-beef about something to someone, unless you can be a 100% sure that person does NOT do the thing you're beefing about.

Second thing: I'm pretty sure to be one of those horrible boyriend-bragging-women.

But, most honestly, David is someone to brag about. 

So, spoiler alert: If you're in the love-fed-up-and-pissy-club, scroll up and go order a poster or a calendar. 

If you're still here, great, because I'm going to brag a little about the boy who's changed my life a lot.


Story  time 

When I was 7 years old and in the middle of a tantrum my mum once told me (if we're honest she probably screamed it to drown out my high-volume howling): 'Damn GIRL either you find a man who's confident and determined as hell and patient like an angel or you're gonna die alone!' 

I don't know why, but that sentence was stuck in my mind. I didn't always agree with mummy but neither did I want to die alone nor did I really put trust in my ability to find the man my mum had just described. 

And then, years later, I met Dave. And to tell the story properly, he knew that we belonged together way, waaay before I knew or wanted to know. So he decided to fight for me, with a determination I had never believed existed. And he waited for me, most patiently, 3 years long. 

Not to be juicy, but this man has shown me what love is, and damn, have I fallen in love with this man. And so, to make a long story short, before I knew what was happening the man of both my mums and my dreams had become my fiancé.

So if you read this, be glad: the smoochy part is over.

But also know, that none of the things you will find on this website would be possible without him. 

Dave is one of the most organized, structured, talented people I know (even though he won't always believe me when I tell him, but trust me, he is). When everyone else, including me, is still messing around he's already there, having the view and solving the problem, in his structured, straightforward, totally cool and professional way of making anything happen.

He's a rock, and to my very great joy, he's mine.



What we're up to...

 or :  something  like  a  ( very irregular )  Blog

I'm not a blogger and I don't intend to be or become one. So maybe I'm keeping you up to date on this part of the website, maybe I don't. But no matter what I may or may not write, please keep the following thing in mind:

Despite my love for my job and all the creative stuff it allows me to do, my private life will always stay my private life. And if you're here to show your lack of understanding for anything I do (apart from working, which I love to receive feedback for), please stop judging or complaining or gossiping or hating. Go and enjoy your own private life instead. Life is too beautiful to spend it on negative things. Travel, fall in love, run, read, explore, design, make yourself a cup of coffee and lean back for a while. And if, while you're sitting there with your hot mug, filled with positivity, you still want to know some of the things that are going on in my life, hi there. Come on in, and follow me around....